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23* : ) What is IDENTITY? #3

I've exchanged opinion about identity with Sinley.
You can read what we say by below links.
I guess it's pretty interesting...check it out! ;)
the latest ones doesn't focus on the topic of identity so much though! 

Sinley's opinion #1
my opinion #1
Sinley's opinion #2
my opinion #2
Sinley's opinion #3


Hey thank you for replying so quickly!
I hope you have enough sleep last night.
And I'm sorry, I didn't reply quickly..I wasn't at home today and I had a nap at night for 4 hours! lol I was just wake up and take a bath. :P

Then, I'll go back to the topics.

First, I wrote about differences between Japanese and English as tools.
Sorry, I made you confused, I wanted to say that the purposes to learn English was different from Japanese.

In your reply #2, you ponited out that mine has a contradiction about the purpose of learning languages. I thought that you regarded the purpose of learning English was the same as that of Japanese. By reading your opinion, I found that I should have explained it more clearly because it would solve the contradiction.

The expression of "to be the American..." means that Japanese people don't learn English to get the nationnesses which the peoples who are in countries where English is spoken as first language have.
I tried to say "Englishness" in the other word.

Actually, what I said in the first paragraph was not a main topic.
I just would like to explain it again clearly and I thought it connected to solve the contradiction which you ponited out.
Sorry, if I can't grasp what you're talking about...don't get angry, please!

Also, you said that the biggest purpose to learn English for you is to survive.
I agree with you! I guess it's the best word to explain. Thanks :)

Second, about the new education system of English for elementary school kids.
mmm, I seemed to be have gotten off the point what you were talking about...

But anyway, we seem to share the same idea essentially, right?
We both agree that English education should be changed in some ways but you don't think that the latest system works well.

Basically, I also agree with you also in this topic. I understood your opinion. It's true that the most important thing for students to meet good teacher and there are so many obstacles to make this system works. Actually, well, I also kind of doubt if this system is good for all kids. I think it's very difficult for the government to provide enough English teachers and ELTs with every school all over Japan. 
(actually, the answer is no?)

However...I can't change my status. (haha, it's a real contradiction! and this is just my opinion, please don't care so heavily.)
because I guess there are so many kids who can't afford to get opportunities like mine.
It's possible to play with English in junior high shool but I guess junior-high students are busy. Some students may study subjects during such a class.
It's meaningless. 
Also, I guess to provide enough opportunities with all students is obligation for compulsory education, especially for public school. I've been to public school for 12 years and I'll go to national/public university if I pass the exam or not. (in my prefecture, actually in Aichi, public education is much stronger than private one.)
And Judging from my own experiences, it's kind of too late to have fun with English in class. There were  so many students, some lose interests for English (probably it's due to teacher? i'm not quite sure.), some are completly BAD students (haha they were "不良"! they smoke and drink :P but not during class, of course.) The ELT, who taught us English conversation sometimes a year in elementary school and in junior high school, said "Ah, they were very cute kids and enjoy playing with English when they were in elementary school, but now they have changed...it's completely no use complaining though."
More, in the article I showed, elementaly school kids says they can't get any practical things. But they are just elementaly kids. They're still very very very young. Is just playing with English and get something little bit wrong? They are forced to study English hard in junior high school. Teachers should improve their teaching skill, of course, but in elementary school, just playing is not so bad I guess. (but in other prefectures, especially in Tokyo?, a situation of elementaly kids are different from Aichi. I also think Aichi people are too easygoing especially in my area...)

Anyway, it's too long...I don't have plan to write such a long twittering though.
I just wanted to say about it to someone and it's just my thought, I don't want you to feel awkward.

Change the topic!
haha, yeah, the government should say which language is regarded as "a foreign language". When I first read the sentenses, I was surprized. They insist "here, we regard English as a foreign language."
yeah there are so many countries and cultures all over the world. I used to be forced on only the United States. haha I was just on the way of the govenment! :P but it's true that culture of English, the American culture especially in japan?) is very familiar with Japanese culture. It's a good first step to get interested in other countries. However, at the same time, it forces students to worship only English (such as "gaijin complex"!) It's BAD. You know it's a completely wrong idea and I mannaged to overcome it by myself (I believe so!), but I guess there are so many people who can't run away from this idea...

And thank you for not touching the idea of "learning English before forming the basis of Japanese could cloud the ability to use Japanese." lol
I don't want to bring this idea to our discussion. It's not so important this time.

Lastly, haha, does it sounds emotional?
yeah, at that time (I mean around WWll), the situation was crazy, everyone was crazy. (oops! sorry, I forgot to use "was" last time!)
If you don't beat the weaker, you will be done by the storonger. 
The policy of Japan for a colony was different from that of other western countries. 
anyway, haha, you are crazy? that's cool! I love crazy girls <3
JK, just kidding. i'm also crazy. I like crazy people! :P

That's all. haha, It's too late (or early?!) to write a blog! mmm, I feel kind of weird...too excited for someting due to time and a desire for sleep!

Good night and good morning, my LOVERY friend! haha :P

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