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me after a year
It's been a long since I post a diary here. I somehow remember that I used to keep a diary on the Internet.

I have dated with an amazing man for a year. We are now engaged and will be married next winter.
He is warm and kind. He hasn't changed at all. He always tries to understand me and he actually does. 
I have worked as an English teacher at highschool for a year. I love teaching English and being with young beautiful kids,
sometimes I feel like quiting a job and experience something disgusting (not about students but coworkers) though.

Being with my favorite people ease my heart. Working is fighting, however, I cannot stand against everything.
I need to be relaxed, honest and loved. My boyfriend, family, old friends... My favorite people make what I am.

I love my days, and right now, just feel happy with being at my parents home, staying at clean place and eating healthy food! lol
Yeah I love my days. <3

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