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I feel so happy to be with people who understand me well.

I traveled to Beijing, China two months ago and my university in the U.S. last month. I met my good people there and I miss them a lot. I miss you guys a lot. :)

Traveling and visiting museums help me understand how people see the histories.
I didn't know Sino-Japan war has been recognised as a part of a struggling of a construction of United brand-new modern China. I didn't know that 9-11 attack has been memorized as the great surprise and sorrow of the first direct attack against the U.S. and so many losses of loved ones. It is a still living and vivid memory.

My Chinese friend told me it was so sad for her that two Chinese and Japanese oeople cannot avoid thinking the war when they wanna get closer even these two countries has had a rich and long relationship.
It absolutely is. Also I'm kind of shocked because I'm that kind of person.

Also my male friend said I was the first Japanese who worked on a construction of peace. I guess my small steps did help him to know another part of Japan and I'm glad about it.

Plus I found a guy who I felt so comfortable to be with. He's kind, quiet, smart and always warm. I like to spend time with him having coffee and pancake, walking around the streets, talking about books and music and just staying quiet together. sounds so sweet, doesn't it?

I love my days and am looking forward to seeing myself next month. I will keep moving on with good people. Love you guys all!

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