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I'm so surprised to find I wrote a post in the U.S. and I felt lonely there.
I easily forget bad memories. I always remember happy stuffs.
In my memories days in the U.S. shine all the time. I worked hard at the office, studied well in the library, ate a lot at the caf and laughed a lot with friends.
As I have done in my life, I left my sweet memories at the place, I mean at that university. I left my friends there. I always leave the places and my people and it hurts me less. 

I like to leave somewhere. It's much easier than staying there with memories. Sweet memories should be in the past to keep moving forward. I don't like to stay at the same place for a long time. It makes me bored and boring. Ex-boyfriends should be in the past and they will never be mine again. They can be my friends, if they wanna be and I also wanna be.

I don't know me in the U.S. still like me in Japan right now. Momo-chan in Japan, spending time in her home town, faces a reality that she just consumes her time working at a supermarket and a restaurant without thinking deeply. it's not necessarily to earn money and get along with coworkers. 
Ah she decided to be a teacher and has been waiting for a notification of passing exams. She feels like she has been killing time to see that letter for a months. 

I don't know if I'm cheerful or attractive as I imagined myself in the past.
Maybe I left myself there, I left a girl struggling to survive in a different culture with a foreign language. It was exciting and fun. I still miss my days sometimes. 

It is my sweet memory and it should be in the past. The past is connected to the present and the future. It always helps to move on. Momo-chan is no longer a girl. She is a woman leaving her in the past and facing up to her future.

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